King Fortune Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong based used printing equipment supplier that has established a reputable and well trusted name in the industry for more than twenty five years. We not only have vast experience and knowledge in the Asian market, but also other developed and emerging markets around the world.


Core Values

King Fortune's success is defined by the core values that shapes our brand and culture. These core values are:



We place strong emphasis in building a reputable and trustworthy international brand. We are committed to operate our business with honesty and abiding by our word.


Quality of printing equipment

We strive to provide quality used printing equipment to our customers. We ensure quality by conducting detailed inspection and leveraging extensive knowledge and experience.


Customer service

We believe retaining customers is crucial to a business's survival. We provide unparalleled services that will turn satisfied customers into advocates for our business.


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About us

We are a Hong Kong based company that has been supplying used printing equipment for more than 25 years around the world. We strive to build a brand that represents integrity, quality and customer service.

How to find us

Phone:  +852 2897 8990
Fax:  +852 2558 1486